Win for freedom: No tickets issued at Hamilton anti-lockdown protest

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This past Saturday on May 1, I went over to Hamilton, Ontario to cover the latest Lockdown March. Organized by MPP Randy Hillier’s No More Lockdowns group, it’s my third continuous week of covering these nationwide protests and this week was high energy.

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets and marched for just over a kilometre in the east end of Hamilton, ending at Battlefield park. 

I always keep an eye on police and bylaw activity at these protests, because as it stands currently in Ontario, it’s illegal to protest and punishable with fines of $880 or a court summons with a penalty of up to $100 000. 

As always, the government gang of bylaw and police were on the edges monitoring and taking pictures of the peaceful attendees.

However, I'm happy to report that no one at this particular rally was fined or harassed by the state over their right to protest in a free country. 

I saw the local paper, The Hamilton Spectator, actually wrote an article on the event (after ignoring the last two). To my surprise they called it what it was: a “lockdown protest.” 

But they spent their entire 87-word piece trying to get a comment on why the peaceful protesters didn’t get fined $880.

See for yourself:

Staff Sgt. Steve Caton said the protest lasted about 90 minutes and did not involve any altercations. He could not explain why no fines were issued, but said police are “investigating the source of the gathering and its organizers.

At Rebel News, we’ll always bring you the other side of the story and here’s what I captured from that day. 

Families, friends and strangers all banding together against “the most restrictive measures in North America” as Doug Ford puts it. It includes a clip of when I went live on our Instagram account where you’ll get the front seat of liberty every week. Enjoy the show.

If you like this type of reporting that the mainstream media maliciously maligns, head over to

There you’ll other similar videos from my colleagues, Mocha, Lincoln, Alex, Syd and David Menzies.

And if you want to support us, you can chip in a couple of dollars to help cover our travel expenses as we cover protests for freedom across the country.

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