Woke Melbourne council reverses ban on Christmas following backlash

Stonnington Council reinstates 'Merry Christmas' following last year's 'Make Merry' disaster.

Woke Melbourne council reverses ban on Christmas following backlash
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Stonnington Council has decided to revert to using "Merry Christmas" in its festive season communications, following public outcry over last year’sMake Merryslogan.

The council, located in Melbourne’s affluent Inner East, initially adopted the "Make Merry" term in 2023 to acknowledge various December celebrations 'inclusively.' However, this decision was met with significant backlash from local businesses and residents.

In response to the feedback, the council announced on Wednesday evening that the traditional greeting would return for the 2024 holiday season.

We’ve responded to community and business feedback to make sure that our 2024 Christmas promotions and activities in Stonnington clearly include the wordChristmasin them,stated Stonnington Mayor Joe Gianfriddo.

“This one was a pretty straightforward decision for Council and I thank everyone who took the time to share their views with us.”

The initial change had sparked widespread criticism, including a strong reaction from 3AW radio host Mark Allan, who argued that "Make Merry" was nonsensical.

“What does Make Merry mean? It doesn't even make sense," Allan ranted on air. "If there’s anybody out there from Stonnington, please call in and tell me what’s offensive about the word Christmas. These people are nutcases.”

After learning of the council’s reversal, Allan acknowledged the significance of the decision.

“Thank you to the Stonnington Council, thank you. It takes big people to stand up and admit when they've done something wrong. Not being able to say Merry Christmas in this country is completely wrong, he said.

Stonnington Councillor Marcia Griffin explained that theMake Merryslogan was a bureaucratic decision that hadslipped through the system.This sort of flipped through the system and then someone noticed it and brought it to the media, Cr Griffin said.

I for one have just been so embarrassed about this. It was dreadful, we've got to fix it. And all councillors agreed to.”

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  • By Avi Yemini

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