Would you trust a Trudeau 'Disinformation Board'?

Torontonians react to whether they would support a program in Canada akin to the Biden administration's new Disinformation Governance Board.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau descended on Toronto this past weekend at the Yorkville Royal Senesta Hotel, at a low price of $800-$1,600 per person, depending on age for some reason.

The capacity crowd of exactly zero people waited outside the hotel for the Right Honourable Prime Minister, with the same amount of pedestrians aware of his presence when asked by Rebel News.

With limited RCMP presence — truly shocking given the leader of the country was set to make a public, scheduled appearance — the prime minister did not enter through the front door along with his motorcade, instead, opting for what appeared to be the parking garage of the hotel.

While the latter is speculation, the Liberal leader's five-SUV deep entourage contained only a pair of photographers and a couple other staffers.

RCMP thanked local Toronto parking enforcement officers for their cooperation after blocking off the sidewalk for seemingly no reason other than a pretend arrival of Canada's top-ranked official, to throw off the complete lack of excited on-lookers.

While the top-tier security's feeble exercise drew no attention, we asked passersby whether or not they would support a government program in Canada akin to the Disinformation Governance Board, colloquially coined as the 'Ministry of Truth', recently created by the Biden administration in the United States.

Nearly all respondents disagreed with the new Department of Homeland Security apparatus, citing inherent bias or lack of trust regarding any single person or group's definition of “misinformation”.

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