47 prisoners released due to COVID were “causing havoc” in Red Deer

47 prisoners released due to COVID were “causing havoc” in Red Deer
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Government notes from an April 2020 call for MPs and Senators revealed the obvious problem stemming from an early release of prisoners due to COVID fears.

A local Alberta MP said that the early releases were “causing havoc” and “putting pressure on the RCMP,” and asked Rhonda Kropp of the Public Health Agency of Canada to read out to Public Safety for help.

Here's what Conservative Party MP Earl Dreeshan (Red Deer–Mountain View) asked:

47 people have been released from the remand centres in the riding, and is putting pressure on the RCMP to deal with these people who are causing havoc. The big fear is that RCMP will be reallocated from facilities here that are lacking staff, but the community needs to be protected. Can Public Safety look at some options to protect these communities?

“Will pass on to Public Safety,” offered Kropp.

You can read the full email for yourself below.

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