UCP Leadership Dinner & Forum hosted by the APP and Rebel News

'They tried to stop this event ... [but] it's a success,' said Chief Rebel Reporter, Sheila Gunn Reid.

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On Thursday, August 25, Rebel News teamed up with the Alberta Prosperity Project to host a United Conservative Party leadership forum that unlike some previous debates or panels would be focused principally on individual freedoms, prosperity, fundamental rights, self-determination and resisting debilitating influences both from Ottawa and from international organizations like the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

Most of the UCP leadership hopefuls had originally agreed to attend this debate, but a week or so earlier, fringe progressive candidate, Leela Aheer decried the event and everyone participating in it as racist, bigot and a litany of other absurd allegations in an absurd tweet. Sadly, aside from Danielle Smith, Brian Jean and Todd Loewen, all the other candidates folded and cancelled out on the event. Dr. Modry rightfully pointed out that these folks campaign promises would likely mean little if elected given how quickly they caved at the slightest hint of controversy from a candidate may not even finish in a top five spot in this leadership race.

The moderators for the evening were our own Rebel Commander Ezra Levant and APP founder Dr. Dennis Modry, so the candidates weren’t likely to be getting many softball questions about favourite Netflix series. As the forum came to a close, many in attendance agreed that the event had been one of the best leadership events to date.

I spoke with both Ezra Levant and Dr. Modry about the evening and about Leela Aheer’s outrageous and insulting claims towards countless Albertans. We also spoke with leadership hopefuls Brian Jean and Todd Loewen, in addition to catching up with some familiar faces like Chief Rebel Reporter Sheila Gunn Reid, cowboy Tariq Elnaga, Whistle Stop Cafe owner Chris Scott and Mike Meilleur of Freedom Honey.

To ensure you are up to date on the latest UCP leadership news, be sure to check in regularly at UCPLeadership.com

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