Fashion retailer Simons has produced a TV ad to promote suicide

'Simons has engaged an ad agency to make a beautiful ad promoting suicide as a beautiful exit,' said Ezra. 'They are literally pro-death.'

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For nearly 80 years that was the gold standard in medical ethics. But the pandemic blew that away and now we’re here — not just where doctors withhold medical care, to kill someone. That could be labelled as passive murder but where they pro-actively, actually kill someone – That’s not even suicide, is it? That’s homicide. Of course they give it a name — MAID — which stands for Medical Assistance In Dying. No, that’s homicide. If you agree, you can sign our petition to let the government know how you really feel about it.

The story hasn't been completely ignored in the mainstream media but it’s certainly not being given the attention it deserves. More people will be killed this year by doctors, on purpose, under the “MAID” program, than will die from Covid 19 ... That’s a fact.

Ezra said:

More people will be killed this year by doctors on purpose. Through MAID They will die from COVID 19 in Canada. That's a fact. You think it would be bigger news? What is news? Fashion company called Simons thinks this is an important issue. As in they supported they love it. They think suicide is important to promote, to glamorize suicide.

I'm not sure how that sells women's clothing, but Simmons has produced a fancy TV ad to promote suicide, not to pursue so not to support Mental Health Week. Not to support the kids. Help Boner Suicide Crisis Hotline. The opposite. Simons has engaged an ad agency to make a beautiful ad promoting suicide as a beautiful exit. They are literally pro-death.

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