'GET OUT': Pastor Artur Pawlowski's Struggle Against The State

Watch the exclusive Rebel News mini-documentary on the saga of Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his now-infamous struggle for fundamental religious freedoms.

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The saga of Pastor Artur Pawlowski is one of the biggest stories that Rebel News has ever covered. Pastor Artur became an internationally recognized symbol of opposition to unjust mandates and a defender of fundamental religious freedoms the likes of which Canada has rarely, if ever, seen. Since the onset of COVID-19, there has likely been no single individual who has garnered so much international attention and notoriety as Pastor Artur. You will no doubt recall the infamous and viral “get out” video, and the dramatic arrest footage both at the side of the road and at the airport, but the Pawlowski’s run-ins with authorities go back much further than that.

Since 2005 Artur and his family have endured ongoing legal battles with authorities for daring to feed the homeless, preaching the bible and most recently for daring to open their church for all to worship despite COVID-19 restrictions. Pastor Artur was our very first FightTheFines.com client, and since then we have launched SaveArtur.com, an initiative which has enabled us to crowdfund and cover all of Pastor Artur’s legal costs, allowing him to focus on his mission as a pastor rather than worry about paying for his legal defence.

Pastor Artur has endured repeated arrests, alleged attempted arsons and property damage, a public assault, and countless other hardships over the past two years the likes of which most of us will never see in an entire lifetime. Rebel News has been there by Artur’s side since the very beginning, and we have covered his story like nobody else. When mainstream media outlets spun the story or outright ignored it, we were on the ground bringing you the truth.

The looming October 13 court date may see Pastor Artur sent to prison once more, so we have assembled highlights of our coverage since we first started sharing this story so that you can judge for yourself the type of man that is Pastor Artur Pawlowski. We also joined Artur, his family, and Pastor Peter for exclusive and never-before seen interviews reflecting on the events that will culminate in court this week.

With Pastor Artur’s court date just one day away, it is more important than ever that you go to SaveArtur.com and contribute what you can to his legal battle. The decisions made in court will set a legal precedent for other pastors in Canada facing legal battles of their own.

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  • By Adam Soos

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