'He did abuse his power,' said Sue-Ann Levy from True North

True North's Sue-Ann Levy joined The Ezra Levant Show last night to discuss John Tory's affair with a staffer during the pandemic and his subsequent resignation as Toronto mayor.

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Ezra was joined last night by True North journalist, Sue-Ann Levy who shared her opinion on John Tory's affair and his resignation as mayor of Toronto.

"I'm startled by this because the one thing I believed John Tory on, I never believed him on crime or taxes or traffic or any of that or garbage pickup or safety or anything. But the one thing I believed him on is I thought he was an upright guy," said Ezra.

"I really believed that he was a high minded guy, certainly not the guy who would cheat on his wife behind her back during the lockdowns and run around with an affair with a woman in her early thirties. I was fooled by him."

Levy added that she was not fooled by Tory:

Many, many years ago. I saw there are two sides to John Tory and when he went on his radio program and threw me under the bus, basically criticizing  an investigative piece that I had spent three months working on on Regent Park. So, I mean, it came out of the blue and again, like the affair.

But the other thing is that I had heard rumors over the last couple of months, you know, if you watch very carefully, it's the things that they don't say or they don't do. But if you watch very carefully where was his family at his victory party in October? They were not to be seen. Nobody came out on the campaign trail with him.

And I didn't think so much about that. But certainly at the victory party, his wife wasn't there. His family wasn't there. And then I started to hear rumors closer to Christmas. And then on New Year's, I got a picture New Year's Eve got a picture of his wife all alone in Palm Beach. It was sent to me. And where was John Tory?

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