“Of course it's not about masks” | Mocha Bezirgan on Montreal protest arrests

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On an episode of The Ezra Levant Show from this week, Rebel videographer Mocha Bezirgan was back in the office following his most recent trip to Montrea, Quebec.

Yet again, Mocha and the rest of the Rebel team were given more tickets while covering protests against Quebec's restrictive lockdown measures.

Mocha told Ezra how he doesn't think these arrests and charges given to protesters and Rebel News by the Montreal police are some sort of accident or are simply about the mask bylaw:

Of course this is not about masks or anything, because all the [Montreal police] supervisors that I noticed — in different locations, at different times — the supervisors are not wearing masks for some reason.

The second time when I was arrested, I already had my mask on. It was not just an ordinary mask... it was a mask that we bought because they deployed tear gas two weeks ago. And I had been wearing that for half of the demonstration because I knew that the riot police would ambush the protesters and then pick randomly who they want to arrest — and they arrested this guy who was already wearing a mask.

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