'Optimistic' Conservatives, 'desperate' Liberals, and the NDP’s 'terrible' leadership: Andrew Lawton

Alexa Lavoie spoke with True North's Andrew Lawton on various topics at the Conservative Convention. 'Every single poll that's come out in the last few weeks has shown the Conservatives well within reach of victory,' said Lawton.

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The Conservative convention wrapped up on Saturday around 5 pm, concluding with a performance by Jeanick Fournier, a Quebecois singer who gained recent fame as the winner of Canada's Got Talent.

These three days of the convention were exceptionally busy, filled with various events. From heated policy discussions and debates to amendments, there was even an appearance by the Liberals outside the venue in response to the Conservatives.

Considering the prevailing atmosphere and the noticeable enthusiasm among attendees over these three days, it's clear that people are eager for a change in government.

"The Conservatives lost in 2015, 2019, and 2021. And not only have they lost, but they've lost elections that people thought were really winnable because a lot of the problems with Justin Trudeau are not new," noted True North's Andrew Lawton.

The Liberals appeared in a frenzy outside the building, seemingly concerned that the Conservatives might dominate the media coverage. Mr. Lawton firmly maintains that they should be worried.

"These are not numbers that are easily reversed because it's not just one or two polls. Every single poll that's come out in the last few weeks has shown the Conservatives well within reach of victory. But I think it's funny how their messaging doesn't really evolve, like Pablo Rodriguez after Pierre Poilievre spoke last night, he came out and he said it sounded like it was 'Republican' and 'Far-Right.' He was talking about housing and young people being unable to afford a home. That's not a far right message," added Lawton.

However, the ultimate decision regarding whether we are heading into an election lies in the hands of the NDP, led by Jagmeet Singh. Since they entered into an agreement with Justin Trudeau to maintain Liberal power until 2025, many are wondering if the NDP leader will uphold this pact.

"Jagmeet Singh is a terrible leader for the NDP because he's given them nothing. He's gotten no concessions, he's got no NDP policy, but he's also lost elections and he I think after the next election is gone. I just don't think they'll keep him on as leader, which means that he needs to keep this status quo, this arrangement, in effect, for him to keep his job," concluded Lawton.

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