RECAP: The Freedom Convoy

To help follow along with the Public Order Emergencies Commission (POEC), this report shows a recapitulation of the multiple events that happened during The Freedom Convoy.

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The Freedom Convoy was an international event which happened on Canadian soil. It started with the government’s decision on January 15, 2022, to prohibit unvaccinated truck drivers from crossing the Canada-United States border. 

Truck drivers who failed to comply with this medical decision were quarantined for two weeks upon their return home, making their work impossible.

A group of these truckers and their supporters began organizing in western Canada to take their concerns to Ottawa in the form of a convoy. 

If the politicians were not listening, they were going to make them listen to their concerns about the discrimination of the vaccine mandates. Truckers had been praised as the heroes of the pandemic until they were not anymore. 

Many of the organizers have been arrested and/or thrown in jail, and today we are learning new information regarding the convoy and the management of the authorities.

In this report, we are making a recapitulation of the multiple events that happened during The Freedom Convoy. This is to refresh the minds of people about actions made by the city and police, so they can now follow the Public Order Emergencies Commission (POEC) and the invocation of The Emergencies Act that was declared on February 14, by the Liberal government.

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