'They are cruel and they are brutal'

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest Salman Sima, a Toronto Iranian Freedom Activist discussed his thoughts on the three-year memorial of the Iranian regime shoot-down of flight PS752.

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Ezra Levant was joined by a Toronto freedom fighter from Iran, Salman Sima. They both discussed the three-year anniversary of Iran's terrorist group that shot down a civilian airliner from Ukraine.

"Iran's IRGC, that is a terrorist group formally known as the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, shot down a civilian airliner from Ukraine, killing all those aboard," said Ezra. "And of course, the repercussions against Iran have been slim to none. In fact, had that been another country, there would have been massive sanctions and the IRGC would have been declared a terrorist entity and had sanctions put against it."

Ezra then asked Salman Sima, "What could possibly be the motivation of Iran shooting down a commercial civilian airliner? I mean, I could understand them shooting down a military aircraft that was doing an incursion. But what was their strategy or what was the payoff? Why were they doing it in your mind?" 

Salman responded with:

So, first of all, you should know the route of the Islamic regime in Iran so they don't need any reason or any excuse for show their brutality. They are cruel, they are brutal, and that they have a route on the blood.

And second, you should see what happened at that time between U.S. and Iran. And in Iraq, the neighbor country, a militia backed by IRGC, militia backed by ayatollahs in Iran. They attacked the U.S. embassy and President Donald Trump to remove the Qasem Soleimani, number one terrorist on the earth so he can kill Trump for killing Soleimani.

And so after that, Qasem Soleimani was the second man of the country after the leader and he was involved in lots of crime in Syria, in Yemen.

And he has killed many Iranians as well. And he was responsible for the deaths of many American soldier in Iraq. So after that Islamic regime started to regain a US interest and President Trump said that if you're going to attack the US interests in the region, you're going to pay a huge cost. And they were some tension between Iran and us at that time, and they think that they can shoot down to the airplane and blame it under President Trump.

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