'Twitter was compelled to act or face the wrath of Congress'

Rebel Journalist Ian Miles Cheong joins Sheila to break down the latest drop in the ongoing saga of the Twitter files that reveal the US government used the media to create a guise of validity for a Russia-collusion hoax.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host Sheila Gunn Reid was joined by Rebel Journalist, Ian Miles Cheong to discuss Twitter.

"I think as big tech loses its monopoly on information, particularly I'm talking about Twitter no longer being held by the hands of liberals, but perhaps, maybe a more freethinking billionaire named Elon Musk," said Sheila. "I think the calls for censorship are going to get more intense from the left, and I think the Canadian government's going to be happy to oblige."

"But in the meantime, the leaks coming out of Twitter are telling us some pretty frankly, unsurprising things. I don't think there's anything that I've seen in the Twitter leaks that have actually surprised me. It's just interesting to see them confirmed in action."

Sheila asked Ian, "What's the most important information that was dumped in all of that?"

Journalist Ian Miles Cheong commented:

Well, the latest to Twitter drops, Trudeau files drops. So according to and this is not something that Twitter came out with at first, this is actually the result of pressure from the U.S. State Department and a number of other agencies as they were building off the narrative, the Russia disinformation hoax, the Russia collusion hoax, I should say, you know, the one that claimed Trump was installed by Putin himself.

They were building off of that Twitter, in fact, could not find any evidence of Russian bots or Russian disinformation campaigns in the fact they had trouble finding such, you know, accounts. The only account that they found which purchased ads from Russia in any significant amount, meaning more than $10,000 a month, was R.T. And that's a legitimate organization, right?

It's out there in the open and it's buying ads for articles. So that was all they could find. And they were pressured by the State Department to start looking for more Russians and the State Department.

What it would do, and this is all in those files, is they would collude with journalists in the EFP, in vice, in NBC, where at NBC News, the so-called disinformation experts, and they would publish a piece that was damning for Facebook, Twitter, Google, using their own quote unquote, research which claimed that there were Russian disinformation bots out there.

And so Twitter was compelled to act or face the wrath of Congress because Democrats in Congress in particular, were keen on seeing results. And given that there were no results, they had to manufacture them.

So tens of thousands of users, in fact, over 250,000 users were flagged for removal on Twitter by the State Department, and among them were the Canadian Armed Services.

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