'We're not free here': Protesters gather at Freeland event

Deputy Prime Minister Deputy Freeland held a private conference in Mississauga, ON where protesters showed up to express their concerns with what the Liberal government is doing to Canada.

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Today, Rebel News headed out to Mississauga, ON where Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland had planned to hold a private conference.

According to her Itinerary:

The Deputy Prime Minister will hold a roundtable discussion about the government’s plans to deliver new economic opportunities and jobs for unionized workers, as part of pre-budget consultations.

She was supposed to be there for 11:30 a.m., yet we didn't see her! We got there early, and even protesters who were there before us did not see her pull up into the parking lot.

Around 4-5 police cars were present, giving us the impression that she could be arriving at any moment.

Joke was on us, which later confirmed that she was inside the building the entire time while we were waiting for her outside to arrive.

DPM Chrystia Freeland recently made comments about the Freedom Convoy, saying to the POEC lawyers that truckers had to be crushed in order for Canada to look "strong."

One protester said that Freeland “wanted to crush our spirits to fight for freedom, freedom of choice, and medical autonomy.” This peaceful protester said that she "lost her job due to this."

Another protester said:

We don't really want Digital IDs. We don't want to be forced to give up our bodily autonomy. And generally, we’d like to live by the freedoms that we're supposed to have, not the ones that are implied.

Watch the video for the full report!

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