A 'male feminist' NDP spokesperson gets promoted after exploiting women

Sheila Gunn Reid joined Ezra Levant to discuss the left-wing media's attempt to cover up the predatory tracks of self-proclaimed 'male feminist' Ben Aldrich.

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Rebel News editor-in-chief Sheila Gunn Reid to go through the history of the NDP hiding scandals.

They talked about a story Rebel News broke in which NDP communications staffer Benjamin Alldritt was charged with communication for the purposes of soliciting sex in December 2018. The charge quietly went away in an "alternative measures" deal in May 2019, just one month after the April 2019 general election.

Sheila shined a light on the hypocrisy of the NDP and many of those who call themselves 'male feminists':

And this guy apparently is a male feminist. If you go through his Twitter account, and I did, it's nothing but repeated instances where he is accusing the United Conservative Party of not caring about women and in particular 'racialized women' to use his language. Well, guess who the majority of sex workers are on the streets of Edmonton: racialized minority women— and this guy was exploiting them for his own sexual means. I'm reliably informed by the NDP that they don't care for the commodification of women's bodies. But they kept this guy in their midst, they covered up for him and then brought him back into the fold and gave him a promotion after all of it.

Ezra brought up another instance in which the NDP covered the tracks of another one of their own exploiting women:

Well, you know, the stuff, forget that Jack Layton of the NDP was caught in a brothel, a massage parlour in Toronto by police with young immigrant women, and the police gave him a pass, and the media gave him a pass, and it finally came out through citizen journalists— and I think the Toronto Sun, to their credit, did a story on it— but it was just completely forgotten about. And no mainstream reporter would dare sully themselves by asking a grubby little question like that. It was as if it was, 'oh, that's just Jack's private life.'

The two talked about how oftentimes, sexual predators front as feminists and enter circles such as 'women's studies' to put everyone on their 'back foot.' Ezra said:

I'm certain that Trudeau's entire feminist stick is just a preemptive defence against questions about things, like when he sexually assaulted Rose Knight in Creston B.C. It's so gross.

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