A Menzoid costume? Now, that’s really, really, scary, kids!

Humber broadcast student Matthew Wiseman recently reached out to Rebel News saying he is going trick-or-treating on October 31 dressed as 'The Menzoid.'

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There are so many new costumes to choose from this Halloween season. For example, something that has really caught on the world over is the Shop Teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School Costume (which entails a long blonde wig, black biker shorts, a white sheer top and of course, fake Z-cup breasts.) 

Then there is the Fake News Reporter Costume (just look for a recent image of Rachel Gilmore from Global News; in other words, apply about 90 minutes’ worth of makeup and lose the blouse; attention-starved Rachel is doing everything in her power to illicit attention from Prime Minister Blackface McGroper…) 

But get this: one trend that has emerged is to dress up as the ever-lovin’ David “The Menzoid” Menzies this All Hallows Eve.

Indeed, Humber broadcast student Matthew Wiseman recently reached out to Rebel News saying he is going trick or treating on October 31 dressed as The Menzoid. Simple costume, really: business suit, microphone, and of course, a hat so that CBC employees are not frightened.

Not only is Wiseman hoping to snag a career in broadcasting, but he is politically astute given that he is the son of New Blue Party of Ontario candidate Rosaria Wiseman (Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill). 

So it was that Matthew donned the haberdashery of The Menzoid, and as “facsimile Menzoid” he dropped by the Toronto studio of Rebel News to interview the Real McCoy Menzoid. Please check out the hilarity – intentional or otherwise – that ensued.

*P.S. The Menzoid hat does have an origin story. We flashback to the spring of 2020 in which Rebel News was covering a Yahoo Nation protest outside Queen’s Park. A female CBC reporter gazed upon The Menzoid and then ran backwards, almost going onto a live lane of traffic. The Menzoid, concerned for her safety, reached out and asked her what was wrong. She said: “Your hair… it’s swirling all around… it’s frightening me…” 

Keep in mind this was during the period wherein barbershops were shut down due to the COVID-19 restrictions, and like so many others at the time, The Menzoid was in dire need of a haircut. Not wanting to frighten any other Justin Trudeau state-sponsored media stenographers, The Menzoid decided to cover up. As Paul Harvey would have said: “Now you know the REST of the story."

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  • By Rebel News

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