Robbie Picard refuses to back down despite bill censoring promotion of oil and gas

Robbie Picard from Oilsands Strong joined Sheila Gunn Reid to discuss Bill C-59, a censorship law targeting oil and gas.

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On this week's episode of The Gunn Show, Robbie Picard from Oilsands Strong and Oil and Gas World Magazine joined Sheila Gunn Reid to discuss Bill C-59, a censorship law targeting advocacy for oil and gas.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's latest piece of censorship legislation, Bill C-59, makes promoting Canadian oil and gas illegal. It would be subject to a false advertising label under the Competition Act.

Robbie Picard has made it his life's work to extol the virtues of oil and gas in economic reconciliation with Canada's Indigenous peoples. He told Sheila how he has refused to back down, even when other oil and gas advocacy groups have silenced themselves:

Well, you know, it has definitely changed the game because what it has done and it has done very well, is it forced industry all of a sudden to just basically pull all of their data. And a lot of the activism activists use the data, for instance, that Canada only produces 1.5% of all global emissions, these are stats that we've used in making our argument for a very long time.

But I find the other part that's more scary is if someone challenges you, even if it's a ludicrous claim they're making saying that you're making the claim. They've really dampened your freedom of speech to make your case for an argument. Like, I mean, I think electric cars are shit. I have for many years. There are facts that they use that I don't agree with, but I certainly don't want the other side to go to jail or be fined for expressing their interpretation of data or facts.

So it's scary but candidly, you know, I'll be honest, I'm very disappointed that everybody turtled, and didn't put up any of a fight. So it's really weird because it's just a handful of us that are gonna stay the course and fight this, and I'm gonna fight it with everything I have. But also, it goes to show you that Justin Trudeau's government is a dictator government.

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