Aaron Gunn: A fresh conservative to lead the BC Liberals?

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The BC Liberal Party only recently announced the date of the party’s next leadership race, after former party leader Andrew Wilkinson resigned last November. Yet the wait didn’t stop some on the left from getting worked up about one potential candidate.

Since Aaron Gunn, a 30-year-old conservative journalist who isn’t afraid to challenge political correctness, announced he was seriously considering running for Liberal leader, he’s received strong supportive responses, as well as some strong critiques. Perhaps that is not too surprising, since despite the word “liberal” being in the party’s name, the party consists of both politically conservative and liberal-minded members.

Gunn has gained popularity for his political commentary that boldly covers a broad range of topics, from gouging increases in ICBC rates to the city of Victoria’s attempt at erasing history by taking down a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald. Perhaps it’s such bold choices that have some on the political left breaking a sweat about a refreshing new candidate considering taking a shot at the race.

After Gunn announced he was considering entering the race, a Burnaby NDP MLA, Katrina Chen, went as far as to label Gunn a racist. Chen has still failed to provide any substance to such a claim, but did succeed at drawing more attention to the possible candidate as her allegations made headlines.

In this full report, I sat down to interview Gunn. I asked him if he’s made his decision on whether he will be running, and if he does run, how he anticipates handling the backlash he’s getting from the left and the way he is reported on in local mainstream media.

Click here to watch.

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