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WATCH: Aaron Gunn's full speech announcing his run for B.C. Liberal leader

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Making official that which had long been rumoured, British Columbian conservative political commentator Aaron Gunn announced his candidacy for the leadership of the provincial Liberal Party.

For those unfamiliar with B.C. provincial politics, Gunn, who holds more right-leaning views, running for a party with “liberal” in its name may seem like a strong ideological contradiction.

In practice, the province's Conservative Party holds no seats in the legislature, and the B.C. Liberals style themselves as a right-of-centre party and control 28 of the province's 87 seats and form the opposition.

While announcing his candidacy for leadership, Gunn touched on a number of issues including: defending free speech, unaffordable housing, pipeline blockades and abolishing the provincial monopoly on car insurance.

Drea Humphrey also spoke to Gunn and his supporters upon the conclusion of his speech, a report that can be seen here.

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