ABC urged to rein in activist reporters over racially divisive 'genocide' claims

Federal political reporter's assertion of ongoing genocide against Aboriginal people sparks controversy and demands for accountability.

ABC urged to rein in activist reporters over racially divisive 'genocide' claims
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The ABC has been told to ‘rein in their activist reporters’ after the broadcaster’s political journalist claimed Australia was pursuing “ongoing genocide” against Aboriginal people.

Federal political reporter Dana Morse made the comment on the ABC’s Insiders program Sunday morning.

She told host David Speers that people protesting Australia Day “'are protesting about the invasion, they are protesting about the genocide of Aboriginal people that is ongoing today”.

Speers did not question the assertion of an ongoing genocide.

Shadow minister for Indigenous Australians Jacinta Nampijinpa Price slammed the comment and demanded the ABC “rein their activist reporters in”.

Former Labor Party President Warren Mundine described Morse’s claim as “rubbish”, insisting that his parents could only have dreamed of living in a country as inclusive as Australia.

The ABC later tweeted out Ms Morse's comments on Insiders, but edited out her claims of an ongoing genocide.

Senator Price said it was outrageous that a claim of genocide was allowed to be aired without challenge.

She said it represented a pattern of false claims from the ABC around race.

In February the ABC broadcast a report from Alice Springs claiming that a town hall meeting comprising ten percent of the population had been a “disgusting show of white supremacy”.

“There is no genocide being perpetrated today, and comments saying there is have no place on public airwaves,” Price said.

“I've called on the ABC previously to control their staff and ensure balanced and impartial voice commentary, but once again an ABC so-called reporter has been allowed to spew divisive and false information without being pulled up by the host.”

“The No campaign has tried to work with the ABC to ensure balance. I personally have done six ABC appearances on TV and radio in less than a week, but their bias in this referendum is still on full display and the ABC bosses must do more to rein in their activist employees.”

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