Activists on both sides of gender ideology debate clash at Ottawa rally

Activists opposed to and in favour of gender ideology being taught in Canadian classrooms were separated by police during duelling protests last Friday.

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Hundreds of demonstrators and counter demonstrators supporting and opposing an “Education Over Indoctrination” rally organized by Chris Elston, a.k.a. “Billboard Chris”, and Save Canada's Josh Alexander turned out in Ottawa on Friday across from two public high schools.

Billboard Chris described the protest as a demonstration against “gender ideology” forced upon children in government-run schools.

Ottawa's two public school boards regularly promote curriculum and messaging to students denying human sexual dimorphism while framing sex as an arbitrary social construct existing on a spectrum.

Community Solidarity Ottawa (CSA), an organization describing itself as opposed to “white supremacy, racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and all other forms of hate and discrimination,” helped arrange the counterdemonstration to oppose what it claimed was the spreading of “anti-2SLGBTQIA+ hate.”

Rebel News observed many counterprotesters wearing masks in accordance with prior governmental decrees imposed on Canadians under the auspices of “public health.” With virtually no exceptions, this group refused to offer remarks when invited to do so. CSA's “Safety Planning” section advises its attendees to wear masks “for COVID” and to hide their identities while directing them against speaking with Rebel News or any “similar outlet.”

One of CSA's organizers repeatedly interrupted an interview between Rebel News and a counterdemonstrator in order to shut down any dialogue or exchange of ideas.

A local business owner and father who requested anonymity told Rebel News that children should not be subjected to messaging campaigns promoting “transgenderism” in schools. Several Muslim parents — mostly identifiable through religious garb worn by wives — expressed similar opposition to political campaigns pushing “gender identity” onto students under the guise of education.

Derek Sloan, former Conservative MP and now leader of the Ontario Party, told Rebel News “gender ideology” is being thrust onto children in public schools, often without parental consent or knowledge.

Counterdemonstrators shouted slogans such as “Protect trans kids” while displaying paraphernalia linked to social constructionist sexuality campaigns such as rainbow-themed signs and messages regarding "pride."

“Right now, we're seeing a lot of indoctrination," Sloan stated, “particularly gender ideology, but also critical race theory.” He alluded to the narrative of “white privilege” by saying said teachers should not be permitted “to tell someone that they're intrinsically racist, that their ancestors were intrinsically racist, that Canada is fundamentally evil.”

Sloan noted that students in public schools are being subjected to “unscientific” and “divisive ideologies” framed as education.

David Freiheit, better known by his online persona “Viva Frei”, remarked on the counterdemonstrators' near-universal resistance to dialogue with detractors. “They are wildly unwilling to have a discussion,” he said, adding that proponents of “gender-affirming care” support the use of “hormone blockers” that obstruct pubescence while being unable to objectively define the biological parameters of men and women.

Josh Alexander, an organizer with Save Canada, praised the demonstration for “starting conversations” around the country and raising awareness among Canadians regarding the “indoctrination” of children with sexual propaganda in government-run schools.

“We're indoctrinating little children,” he said. “We're confusing them. And influencing them to make some dangerous decisions that will come back to bite them.”

Left-wing news media outlets such as the Ottawa Citizen and CTV News characterized the counterdemonstrators as “transgender rights supporters” and “trans-friendly counter-protesters.”

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