AI: The next downfall for humanity?

If you downloaded one of these apps, you may have just sold your personal information.

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The internet's latest sensation is a multi-faceted AI called, ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer).

ChatGPT Is an AI program created by a company named OpenAI, which is an artificial intelligence research laboratory that specializes in the research and development of the alleged "friendly AI" with the goal of using this information for the benefit of humanity.

Today's video will be about AI and a few ways artificial intelligence will impact society in the near future.

Starting with ChatGPT, which is currently one of the world's most powerful language processing AI models to date. The most popular feature is its highly capable Chatbot. To try and simplify this Chatbot’s incredible ability to mimic human language, I've personally seen examples of this AI's ability to write poems, and satire.

Honestly, its capabilities are seemingly endless, with chatGPT being able to take on even more sophisticated and complex topics ranging from quantum mechanics to writing long, detailed oriented essays, and speeches regardless of challenging prompts.

In essence, this AI breaks down and digests whatever you give it and answers them at an inhuman rate. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows.

According to Renewable Energy Magazine, in an article that provides the reader with the supposed "Top Five" ways that AI is improving energy compatibility, sitting at number 2 reads "Reduce Energy Waste."

The article then proceeds to list the top ways AI has the potential to automate "smart grids," which are said to replace our current energy grids in the near future if "green initiatives" are met.

So naturally, if I can conceptualize how AI can potentially be beneficial, surely there must be a downside?

We'll start with how our environment is affected by the heinous energy demands these machines take to run.

A study from 2019 produced by the College of Information and Computer Sciences Department from the University of Massachusetts, revealed that in-order to just TRAIN this one AI, namely a (deep learning in natural language processing AI) or NLP for short, produces 300,000kg of CO2. To break it down further, that's a carbon footprint equal to five times the lifetime emissions produced from a single average American car.

Another crazy example, those emissions roughly translate to the equivalent of 125 round trip flights from New York City, in the United States to Beijing, China.

But it doesn't stop there, in a previous video where I did a breakdown as to why Switzerland would be putting a ban on electrical vehicles this winter in order to reasonably sustain their electricity grids, I gave reference to the many ways manufacturing the metals and materials like cobalt and lithium, which are used to construct batteries for electrical vehicles, ALL demand the use of equipment, like vehicles and high-powered tools, that all run-on fossil fuels.

From the very beginning stages of mining to the end stages of transporting these goods, fossil fuels are an integral part of this process. And the same goes for the large data infrastructures that need to be built first to run these high-powered AI machines. This again entails the mining and transportation of materials, which again, all require fossil fuels to be done.

Another AI success is DALL-E 2, which is like the other popular AI-run imagine generating app, called Lensa. You may have recently seen this trend take over the internet with the gorgeous, and sometimes creepy AI generated art. The Lensa app takes normal pictures (supplied by you) of you, or anyone of your choosing, and turns them into AI generated works of art.

This is done by using Prisma's AI which learned its various forms of painting and art techniques from real life artists. Some of these artists even claim this is to be a form of theft - since it takes a human many years of mastery to produce with this AI does in seconds.

Prisma Labs, which is the Russian built and owned parent company founded in 2016 by Alexey Moiseenkov, and a team of Russian developers that developed the AI software for Lensa.

And just a little food for thought:

If information is power folks, then surely the information you give up is power over you.

Who knew the impending Terminator takedown would start with replicating art, and the mimicry of human language arts?

If you agree the globalist's unethical shift towards obtaining their so-called "green energy reset," by banning fossil fuels and replacing humans with AI is unneeded, unwanted, and unacceptable - go to and sign our petition.

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