Alberta Decides: Election Analysis with Tariq Elnaga and Adam Soos

With a look toward the upcoming election, Tariq Elnaga joins Adam Soos to break down the three key voting blocks in Alberta: rural, Edmonton and Calgary.

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In the weeks leading up to the expected May 29, 2023 Alberta provincial election we will be providing in-depth analysis, exclusive interviews and independent coverage of all the action as parties fight for your votes at

Though the election has not officially been called here in Alberta, the unofficial campaign efforts from both Danielle Smith’s United Conservative Party and Rachel Notley’s New Democratic Party have not gone unnoticed. There has been no lack of mudslinging, particularly from the NDP and their friends in the mainstream media, and both parties have been door knocking and fundraising aggressively.

You’ve no doubt noticed ‘journalists’ from other outlets rallying for their preferred candidates, we are going to be taking a different approach: We will ask the candidates, regardless of their affiliations, tough questions that Albertans want answers to. Plain and simple. Our job as journalists is not to tell you who to vote for, it is to provide you with information and perspectives so that you can make that decision for yourself.

In line with that mission, I sat down with Tariq Elnaga for the first of a series of conversations where we will be discussing key factors that will ultimately determine who will win this election and form Alberta’s next government.

By the way, in the unlikely event that you don’t know Tariq already, please allow me to introduce him.

Tariq was living a great life in Dubai just over a decade ago when he made the fateful decision to visit the Calgary Stampede as a tourist. Tariq had travelled all over the world, but Alberta and the Western lifestyle left an impression, so much so that he uprooted and moved here and became a real life cowboy. In the decade since, he has been politically active and an ardent defender of the way of life that he fell in love with.

You can learn more about his full story, and meet his horses, by watching our exclusive interview here.

We thought is best to start the series by laying out the big picture of where this election is likely to be decided. We broke down Alberta into three key voting blocks: Rural, Edmonton and Calgary and discussed how these areas are likely to play out as far as voting habits. We also looked back to the NDP's 2015 election win to discuss whether a repeat was possible.

Check in regularly at for our next conversation, where we will be tackling the core issues that are likely to win over voters in Alberta’s “swing city”, Calgary.

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