Alberta tow truck companies refusing to assist RCMP in removing border blockade

Several tow truck companies in Alberta are, for various reasons, refusing to help authorities remove the blockade at the Canada-U.S. border.

Alberta tow truck companies refusing to assist RCMP in removing border blockade
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Canadian police seeking assistance of tow truck companies in the removal of trucks participating in the blockade of the Canada-U.S. border are coming up short due to the company’s refusal to assist in dismantling the protest.

As detailed by Rebel News, truckers have blockaded the roads in southern Alberta to protest the federal government’s COVID-19 restrictions and mandates.

According to local towing companies that spoke with the Western Standard, police have placed requests since Sunday for them to assist the RCMP in the removal of trucks and other vehicles participating in the protest. The companies said that they would not be doing so.

The publication spoke with a number of towing companies in the region, including in Calgary, Lethbridge, and Medicine Hat. One of the companies, City Wide Towing said it had tow trucks at the blockage to help support stranded drivers, but confirmed that none of its vehicles stayed on scene to assist authorities.

“Our trucks won’t be heading outside of Calgary today,” confirmed an employee to Western Standard. “We will be remaining in Calgary to service the surrounding area.”

Other companies contacted by the publication said they did not want to get involved, and refused to offer comment for the report. A smaller towing company, which was not named by the publication, said it is “stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

“We have created relationships in our community and contracts that would be in jeopardy if we participate in any way,” said an employee for the company, who requested anonymity. “A lot of these smaller companies don’t want to ruin their reputation in the communities they serve so they don’t want to get involved.”

The employee told the publication that the company has received requests from authorities to supply its vehicles to assist in the removal of protest vehicles and that it also received calls from locals who asked if they planned to assist the police. The employee said that when he told the locals that he did not intend to help the authorities, they said “good, then we will keep supporting you.”

The Western Standard reported that it spoke with the owner of Xodus Car Transport, which is based in Lethbridge, who openly voiced his support for the truckers.

“We are here with our trucks at the blockade, but we are participating and are in full support of the truckers,” said Abe Martens.

Essentially, local residents in the southern Alberta area are lending their support to the truck drivers and the ongoing blockade. It is unclear how the RCMP intends to remove the trucks without the support of the locals.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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