An update from Dover: The Steve Laws interview

Dover is at the forefront of the migrant invasion and local journalist Steve Laws is determined to get to the bottom of it

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Record numbers of migrants are illegally crossing the English Channel in small boats with more than year 40,000 illegal immigrants having crossed the English Channel this year alone. The dramatic increase in crossings has led to the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, recently calling the situation along the Kent coastline an ‘invasion’.

Dover has been at the forefront of the migrant crisis with the docks being used as a makeshift processing centre. The border force and the RNLI have been collecting migrants in the England Channel and unloading them at the docks. Controversy has been rife with spiralling numbers and the announcement of from the Border Force that they intend to purchase more boats and increase their rescue missions within the English Channel aided by the RNLI charity.

Steve Laws has been covering the migrant crisis in Kent since 2019 and has personally witnessed hundreds of migrant landings at the docks. Steve’s pictures, videos and articles have been used and cited in the British and international media and he is regarded as one of the most authoritative local journalists on the subject.

Rebel News UK Reporter Callum Smiles travelled to Dover to speak with Steve Laws and get the latest update.

Rebel News have been covering the migrant crisis across the UK and to catch up with all of those reports head over to

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  • By Callum Smiles

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