Analyzing data of adverse reactions to COVID vaccines | Karl Denninger

In this interview, Karl Denninger, a technological businessman and finance blogger, shares the research he's done on adverse reactions to COVID vaccines.


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In this exclusive interview, I'm bringing you crucial data analysis conducted by Karl Denninger, an American technological businessman, finance blogger, and political activist. His success has depended on his ability to interpret data.

On his blog called The Market Ticker, Karl had a post, titled Uh, That’s Not a Conspiracy Theory, aimed at debunking the claims that certain demographics were being targeted by faulty and deadly COVID-19 injections.

What he discovered instead was shocking.

In our conversation, we discuss how Karl took raw data published by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is co-managed by the Center for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration, and found that a small number of concentrated lots were responsible for almost all adverse events — ranging from minor reactions to death.

He reinforces that this “hot lot” issue cannot be chalked up to random chance.

Based on his analysis, this data reinforces that there may very well be an inherent issue with this injection's delivery system and/or compounded, i.e. stacked, uncontrollable issues within the manufacturing process.

Combined with the early March 2021 British Medical Journal data leak showing Pfizer’s integrity issue with mRNA stability, as well as the November 2021 BMJ whistleblower claim of crucial data integrity issues within one of Pfizer’s clinical trials, it’s not far fetched anymore that these injections are like playing Russian roulette.

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