Another Rebel is on the way to the Netherlands

After covering the Freedom Convoy for nearly a month in February, Rebel reporter Lincoln Jay is taking that experience to the Netherlands.

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Rebel News is heading to the Netherlands. I'm sure by this point many of you have become aware of what is happening in the country right now. In case you're not aware though, farmers from across the Netherlands are coming together to protest new environmental rules regarding nitrogen and carbon emissions.

Long story short, this is going to put many farmers out of business and destroy many lives.

The Dutch government defends its policy and claims the environmental rules are a way they can directly combat climate change.

Is this really about climate change? Or is this about governments and globalists once again trying to assert more control over our lives and simply squeezing out the little guys?

It's no surprise that the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, is directly involved with the World Economic Forum. He is an agenda contributor to be exact, and the environmental rules he is imposing on his citizens certainly seems to coincide with the WEF and the United Nations' climate change agenda.

Our U.K. reporter, Lewis Brackpool, and I will be bringing you the other side of the story from the heat of the protests in the Netherlands.

We want to show you what is really happening with the Dutch Farmer Rebellion from the people on the ground themselves — just like myself and the rest of our Rebel News team did in Ottawa during the Freedom Convoy. So be sure to check out all our coverage at

It's not cheap for me to fly over to the Netherlands from Toronto, and my colleague Lewis Brackpool will be there with me as well. You can help us with our travel, accommodation, and food costs by making a donation so we can keep bringing you the other side of this incredibly important story. If you want to support our honest and independent journalism, consider donating at that same website,

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