Another Toronto homeless camp at a public park is cleared out — good!

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Toronto is a so-called “sanctuary city.” That is essentially progressive-speak for turning a blind eye to lawlessness. Case in point: so many downtown Toronto parks have become overrun with homeless people. And this is hardly harmless, judging by the amount of used needles that can be found on the park lawns, and even, shockingly, near the playgrounds.

But thankfully, John Tory, Toronto’s testosterone-challenged mayor, would appear to be growing something that resembles a spine. Which is to say, the city is now clearing out these vile and unsanitary homeless encampments and returning the green space to law-abiding citizens.

Last month, the gross encampment at Trinity Bellwoods Park was razed. And not a moment too soon: for several months, authorities had been turning a blind eye to vagrants illegally occupying the park — some of whom are dangerous and/or mentally ill.

Law enforcement had their hands full that day — not just with the squatters who didn’t want to leave, but also with a crowd of about 200 supporters of the homeless people, a diverse group that ranged from champagne socialists to violent Antifa types (some peace officers were actually assaulted by these losers).

Which is why more than 100 police and security guards were on hand the other day, when Alexandra Park was also cleared out. The homeless encampment here was tolerated for almost two years — which is why the city needed several dumpsters and two pieces of heavy construction equipment to clear out the sheer volume of trash that had accumulated.

And yet again, the so-called “homeless advocates” showed up to cause interference (there were at least 10 arrests made). Their unwanted “Karen-ism” explains why authorities found it necessary to erect a temporary steel fence.

Yet, just consider the utter perversity of the progressives who reside in Toronto: they are now advocating that the homeless… remain homeless! After all, the City of Toronto notes that it has more than 6,000 shelter spaces, some of them now located in city-leased hotels. There are more than enough spaces available for those camping in parks.

And really, who wouldn’t want a roof over their head, indoor plumbing and three square meals a day? Who wants to live outdoors in gross and unsanitary conditions?

All of which points to the real problem behind these tent cities. Many of the people camping out in parks fall into one of two categories: One, they simply do not want to work. How else can one account for the fact that Canadian farmers have to employ migrant labourers from the Caribbean and Mexico to plant/harvest their crops?

Secondly, many of the people who are camping out in parks are mentally ill — which has become the folly of “de-institutionalizing” mentally ill patients. Since some of these people are dangerous, how does it make sense to allow them to live in a public park? They are a danger to others and even themselves.

Hopefully, the cleanup of Toronto’s parks shall continue in the days and weeks ahead. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of parks that are in urgent need of urban renewal — the end result of gutless politicians who allow these egregious situations to fester in the first place.

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