Quizzing anti-pipeline blockaders on what's in the pipeline (no, it's not oil)

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The British Columbian Government ground to a halt on Friday as predominantly Caucasian activists said that Indigenous rights were not being respected. They are referring to the Coastal Gas Link pipeline project which has received the enthusiastic consent of all 20 Indian Bands along the route. In the case of the well known Wet’suwet’en band, 85% of the band members gave the project the go ahead.

The blockade movement that has gripped Canada has been using the plight of indigenous people as a stalking horse for their radical environmental demands. Protesters have been trying to overcome recent surges of bad publicity after radical actors were unable to answer very elementary questions regarding the contents, path, and stakeholders of the pipeline.

Naturally, Rebel News had to confirm the idiocy of the movement that has kneecapped the nation, so we went to Victoria’s Government Shutdown day to observe. We were not surprised with what we found.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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