Anti-Israel protesters are clueless about 'River' and 'Sea' referenced in famous chant

Most of the anti-Israel protesters who gathered in Montreal recently were unable to name the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea as those referred to in the chant, despite claiming to hold deep beliefs about the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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On Sunday, January 14, an anti-Israel demonstration titled "100 Days of Genocide" took place in Montreal, Canada. Many Palestinian flags, along with South African flags, were seen in the crowd.

The slogan "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" is frequently used by those who oppose Israel. This expression, evoking the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, is often perceived by pro-Palestinian supporters as a call for dignity and freedom. However, for those who truly understand the meaning of this slogan, the chant is seen as a call for the extermination of Israel as a Jewish state and its millions of Jewish citizens.

In response to the meaning of this chant, a protester answered, "This is a phrase that signifies liberation, a ceasefire, and having access to basic human rights."

Another continued, saying, "The idea was that all the people living there, including those who were expelled, could live freely with equal rights and political rights."

However, when asked which river and which sea the slogan refers to, the majority of the anti-Israel supporters were clueless.

Some referred to the Red Sea, which is next to the Mediterranean Sea, and most had no idea which river this chant is talking about. This shows how the supporters of Palestine are repeating a rhetorical chant without knowing the full meaning of it.

This supports the survey published in Newsweek on January 11, which shows that approximately 86% expressed support for this expression. However, only 47% of those surveyed could name the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, which historically encompassed Palestine and now includes both Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Additionally, in the same survey, they mentioned that after deepening their knowledge of the region, 67.8% of those surveyed changed their minds and no longer supported the initial sentiment.

When asked if they would ever regret supporting a slogan that can mean the extermination of the state of Israel and the Israelis who live there, the majority not only strongly denied this meaning but also showed no potential regret.

One of the protesters said, "No because, well, this information is also completely false." A woman expressed her views, saying, "I don't see it that way. I see it as an end to Zionism, which is different from Jewish people. I feel this trend is against Zionism."

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