Antifa ATTACKS Rebel News reporters as police refuse to help

Last Saturday, Montreal saw another anti-Israel encampment set up, this time at a public park. As our Quebec team was on the scene covering the development, officers not only refused to do anything about the encampment, but also refused to help our journalists as violent Antifa thugs attacked them.

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On Saturday, June 22, anti-Israel protesters brazenly set up a new encampment in Victoria Square in Montreal. There, the statue of Queen Victoria was outrageously defaced with paint, graffiti, and Palestinian flags. This appalling act occurred in broad daylight, right under the noses of the Montreal police (SPVM), who stood by and watched without taking any action.

Later that afternoon, Rebel News' Quebec team arrived to document this illegal camp and report on it to inform the public. Upon arrival, our team was immediately surrounded by about 10 masked individuals wielding umbrellas.

In just minutes, I was shockingly sprayed with sticky yellow paint on one of my cameras. The police officers present did absolutely nothing to identify the assailant.

Numerous verbal threats were then hurled at us, targeting both myself and Rebel cameraman Guillaume Roy.

After capturing the necessary footage, I was repeatedly attacked by a group of Antifa thugs who tried to block me from doing my job. A brave bystander attempted to protect us from these vicious attackers.

A masked individual then emerged from the street with a paint canister and blatantly sprayed me right in front of the police, who again did nothing. As our team tried to leave, the masked individuals relentlessly pursued us. Guillaume Roy received explicit threats from far-left photographer Julien Crête Nadeau.

Our team desperately pleaded with the SPVM for assistance so we could leave safely, but the SPVM coldly refused to help.

Valerie Plante, the mayor of Montreal, is shockingly allowing vandals to break the law without facing any consequences. She is enabling the illegal occupation of a public park, vandalism, and attacks on journalists and the public.

Montreal is no longer the safe city it once was.

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