INVASION: Antifa occupies Red Deer, Alberta for “anti-racism” rally

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Red Deer, Alberta saw a wave of chaos as activists partnered with NDP and Black Lives Matter to stage an anti-racism protest.

What appeared to be Antifa activists, clad in black with signs and slogans, marched through the streets and terrified locals. Some marchers were even carrying what the police described as “weapons.” 

But despite both RCMP and Red Deer law enforcement being activated in record numbers to ensure people were kept safe, none of the weapons the police identified as being in the crowd were confiscated. It leaves me to ask: Why? 

The majority of the protesters were from out of town, and many were part of a group which has been systematically harassing small towns throughout the COVID pandemic. 

On any given weekend, this group is organizing and marching through the streets of everywhere from Innisfail to Red Deer, screaming at locals, disrupting peaceful family outings, and causing chaos.

While I was there, I caught up with Janis Irwin, an NDP MLA who represents Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood. She was partying with the extremists on the streets, and refused to answer any of my questions about her mandate to have Extinction Rebellion material be taught to Albertan kids at school.

Take a look at my footage to see what I caught happening in Red Deer!

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