Armoured personnel carriers have now been deployed into the streets of Marseille!

Military vehicles arrived in Marseille, France where Ezra Levant was reporting on the scene. 'They're not wearing their helmets, they have batons and they do have some heavy weapons,' said Ezra.

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On the scene in Marseille, France, there's about a dozen police that are keeping people back from vehicles, and they're wearing body armor, including what looks like exoskeletons on their legs, and some of them have it on their arms as well.

They're not wearing their helmets, they have batons and of course they do have some heavy weapons.

I've been here for several days and this is the highest presence there's been in a couple of days!

Many of the store windows have been boarded up with plywood. Many of them have been smashed and there are a lot of graffiti on them.

Police are chatting with people casually, I don't know if I'd say there's a tension in the air but those vehicles do not calm things.

Half dozen police motorcycles also joined the police armoured personnel carriers, I will keep you posted!

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