WATCH: Arrest charges DISMISSED after cops BASH Victorian man

Melbourne court dismisses resisting arrest charge against Simon Timothy.

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A Melbourne Magistrate has dismissed the resisting arrest charge against a man who was filming police officers at an anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne in 2021.

Simon Timothy was arrested in 2021 during a small business protest at Flinders Street Station. The arrest left him with a broken back and facing up to five years in jail.

According to Simon, he attended the protest not as a participant, but as a citizen reporter to document the events on camera.

He says he witnessed police officers arbitrarily arresting people at the protest, prompting him to record the unfolding situation.

He was eventually approached by the police, who demanded his identification and subsequently arrested him.

Simon was charged with five offences, including three related to breaking COVID restrictions, one for failing to produce his details and another for resisting arrest, which is the most serious charge attracting up to five years in prison.

After several adjournments and a committal hearing, the magistrate dismissed the resisting arrest charge against Simon, ruling that the police had no legal right to request his details, making the entire arrest and use of force unlawful.

His case highlights the ongoing battle between law enforcement and the public in Melbourne, as citizens continue to seek closure over the actions taken by the police during COVID lockdowns.

The court's decision is a significant win for Simon, who has been living in pain since the arrest and struggling with the emotional toll it has taken on him.

He expressed gratitude for the community support he received through a crowdfunding campaign to offset his legal costs. However, he acknowledges that his fight is far from over, as he still faces the remaining charges.

Stay informed about ongoing cases at Fight The Fines and please consider supporting others still battling unlawful lockdown arrests using the donation form on this page.

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