Attaining and maintaining health at a cellular level: Dr. Goodenowe on plasmalogens

Innovative treatments and therapies being used to treat neurodegenerative diseases have also worked to improve function in those suffering ill effects from the COVID-19 spike protein.

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Neuroscientist Dayan Goodenowe has discovered disease markers through decades worth of research advancements and investigations into cellular health. His research has largely focused on discovering deviations from health that can lead to disease, on a biochemical level.

Goodenowe has developed innovative technology patents and therapies to help others correct, prevent, or repair these deviations, through the Dr. Goodenowe Research Institute,

One of these health deviations is a deficiency in plasmalogens – cells that are critical to neuron functionality and energy generation.

“Plasmalogens are a critical membrane building block,” explains Goodenowe.

“When you’re dealing with any kind of stressors [and specifically with COVID], the spike protein gets the virus or the protein itself into the cells through a specific receptor called the ACE2 receptor. There will be different parts of your body that will have higher levels of that so they will be more susceptible either to the vaccine or the virus itself because that’s the mechanism through which this particular agent works," he said.

"It just so happens that the areas of your body with the highest concentrations of the ACE2 receptor are the hearts, lungs, brain and some of the endothelial (lung) cells. So that’s why those particular parts of your body are most likely affected – severe cytokine storm, myocarditis, instant heart death, impaired neurological function.”

Dr. Goodenowe furthers that not everyone is affected the same way, which means some bodies have a system or mechanism to deal with the assault while others may not.

He explains that some bodies have too many stressors (insults) and cannot adapt and survive under an insult circumstance, which creates the equivalent of an autoimmune disease. “If one system can’t tolerate [the spike] then the body attempts to dilute the toxin to deal with it,” he says.

This is why plasmalogen replacement therapy is a useful mechanism for a body that may be overloaded with toxins as they assist not only as a building block to healthy cells, but also as a necessary mechanism in antioxidant (detoxifying) processes.

“We try to work through doctors as much as possible so we have a distribution network to work with,” says Dr. Goodenowe while discussing options for those seeking more information.

“Understanding your biochemical stress helps you focus on which part of your system failed,” he says before sharing basic nutritional requirements and supplementation options some may need more than others.

“Practitioners are always your best bet because you get someone looking over your shoulder and guiding you through that process so that you can recover. We're in the business of recovering from disease. People should have the expectation that they can get better.”

Tracy Zimmerson originally discussed Dr. Goodenowe’s work and shared her own budding success story with Rebel News at the United Health Conference in Toronto in February 2023.

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