'We need to stay the heck out of Ukraine,' says Australian Senator

Ralph Babet urges Australian neutrality in Ukraine-Russia conflict.

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Australian Senator Ralph Babet expressed his unfiltered views on Australia's role in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, in the latest episode of The Opposition Podcast.

As the panel discussed reports of an Australian-made drone used in a recent strike on Russian forces, the incident raised concerns over Australia's indirect involvement but also points towards the Western world's participation in what some call a "proxy war" with Russia.

When questioned about his stance, Senator Babet emphasised the importance of Australia maintaining its distance.

"We should stay the heck out of it," Babet stated, adding that Australia has enough domestic challenges without needing to further agitate Russia and inadvertently push them closer to forming alliances with other powers such as China.

He further suggested that by supporting the offensive actions in the region, Australia risks more significant involvement that could even see the deployment of its citizens in a hostile scenario.

Babet's argument is that Australia should adopt a neutral position and let the countries involved resolve their own affairs.

This episode underscores the rising concerns and debates surrounding Australia's foreign policy decisions, especially when it comes to conflicts that might not directly involve the nation but can have broader geopolitical ramifications.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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