Australia Post resumes services to Israel after temporary halt

Services resumed to Israel as Australia Post explains why mail was suspended.

Australia Post resumes services to Israel after temporary halt.
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Australia Post has officially resumed all courier services to Israel, ending a temporary halt that sparked questions about its decision during the conflict with Hamas.

The postal service had temporarily suspended deliveries to Israel in October, citing safety concerns and logistical challenges due to the ongoing conflict in the region.

The government-owned provider faced scrutiny as it remained one of the few international shipping companies to interrupt services to the Middle Eastern country.

A spokesperson confirmed the resumption of services, emphasising that Australia Post had actively navigated challenges over the past two months, reaching a resolution only recently.

Unlike other logistics leaders such as DHL, Australia Post lacks its own flights and carrier services for Israeli operations, and the global shortage of commercial aviation has significantly affected its functions.

The decision to resume services followed commentary by Sky News host Andrew Bolt, who pointed out Australia Post's unique position in discontinuing operations in Israel.

The Australia Post website also confirmed the update, stating, "Mail and parcel services to Israel will resume, effective 7 December."

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  • By Avi Yemini

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