Australia, U.S., U.K. form new partnership to counter growing Chinese influence

The new agreement doesn't explicitly name China, but is designed to make it easier for the allies to share information and technology.

Australia, U.S., U.K. form new partnership to counter growing Chinese influence
AP Photo/Ng Han Guan
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The United States is set to announce a new working group with the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Australia to share, three of the five nations in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance to share advanced technologies in a possible move to push back against China.

“The trio, which will be known by the acronym AUKUS, will make it easier for the nations to share information and know-how in key technological areas like artificial intelligence, cyber, underwater systems, and long-range strike capabilities,” Politico reported. “One of the people said there will be a nuclear element to the pact in which the U.S. and U.K. share their knowledge of how to maintain nuclear-defense infrastructure.”

Politico reported that the new security pact will be known as AUKUS, and while China is not explicitly mentioned, the agreement is expected to send a message to Beijing that the Western countries intend to fight back against Chinese influence.

The White House released a statement saying that President Biden would “deliver brief remarks about a national security initiative" and U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was to make a televised statement on a "strategic national security matter" alongside President Biden and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Politico reported:

Australia's ABC News, which cited no sources, said it understood Australia would use the American and British technology to replace its existing Collins class submarines with a type more suitable to the deteriorating strategic environment.

John Ratcliffe, the Former Director of National Intelligence said during a Fox News interview on Sunday that Biden is one of the biggest national security threats to the country for his weakness when it comes to foreign policy.

“I wrote an article as the Director of National Intelligence saying that China was our number one national security threat; I did that as I was walking out the door based on the …. fact that, you know, I’m the person that saw more intelligence than anyone else in the country over the past year, and China very much is that existential threat to our country,” Ratcliffe said. “But if I had to write that op-ed today, I would tell you that I think our greatest national security threat, at least in the short term, is Joe Biden, and our national security apparatus.”

“And the reason I say that, and I’m not trying to be glib or hyperbolic … they have literally gotten everything wrong for eight straight months,” Ratcliffe continued. “With respect to China, with respect to Russia, with respect to Iran, with respect throughout the Middle East, now, including Afghanistan, it goes on and on, literally, they’re batting zero. They’re striking out at every turn. And it’s having a profound grave impact on our national security and our national security posture.”

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  • By David Menzies

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