Australian store removes controversial sex guide book for children

Big W takes action after claiming abuse from customers.

Australian store removes controversial sex guide book for children
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Big W, a popular department store chain in Australia, has made the decision to pull a contentious sex guide book for children from its shelves following claims multiple incidents of 'abuse' aimed at staff in various stores.

The book, co-authored by ABC personality Yumi Stynes and Dr Melissa Kang, delves into a wide array of graphic sexual topics, including masturbation, gender curiosity, LGBTQ+ issues, anal sex, and 'scissoring,' accompanied by vivid illustrations.

Titled 'Welcome to Sex: Your no-silly-questions guide to sexuality, pleasure, and figuring it out,' the book targets children aged eight and above.

In response to the mounting criticism, Big W has announced that the book will now be available exclusively online, removing it from their physical stores.

A spokesperson for the company stated:

"Big W will continue to sell the parenting book, 'Welcome to Sex,' as part of our Parenting range.

"We know there has been a wide range of views about the book, however, it's disappointing that there have been multiple incidents of abuse directed at our store team members in the past 24 hours. To keep our team and customers safe, the book will be available to customers online only from later today."

The book's graphic content has sparked outrage among concerned parents, who took to social media to condemn both Big W and the authors.

Conservative podcaster Chris Primod uploaded a viral video revealing how the book was "grooming" children and exposing them to highly inappropriate material.

He argued that such books posed a serious threat to children and urged for action.

Conversely, there were those who defended the book, labeling the backlash as a "moral panic." One supporter wrote, "Right-wing cookers/religious nuts are trying to censor these books. Usual anti-queer, anti-feminist reasons." Another parent expressed gratitude for a previous book by the authors, stating, "Can't wait to purchase this. Your period book took away the fear for my 10-year-old daughter (and me!) so much. Forever grateful."

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  • By Avi Yemini

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