WATCH: Avi Yemini CONFRONTS 7News over Network's lies following explosive court ruling

Rebel reporter confronts Channel 7's Nick McCallum over the network's biased coverage of freedom activist Nick Patterson as they finally decide to do their job outside Melbourne's County Court.

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Outside Melbourne's County Court, I took the opportunity to confront Channel 7 reporter Nick McCallum about his network's shocking coverage of Freedom Activist Nick Patterson.

Patterson had just secured a significant courtroom victory, preventing the police from discontinuing his case without a clear verdict.

As reporters gathered to speak with Nick Patterson, I asked McCallum directly if Channel 7 would apologise for their negative coverage, highlighting how Patterson had been vilified during the COVID-19 lockdowns by the media.

Patterson, one of the staunchest advocates for freedom, was unfairly targeted by both the police and the media. The court's recent ruling allowed his legal team to file submissions, marking a crucial step towards his vindication.

His case stemmed from his active participation in organising and attending anti-lockdown rallies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He faced numerous charges, including assault and incitement, which he has consistently denied.

The police's attempt to discontinue the case without a verdict was seen by many as a way to avoid scrutiny over their actions during the protests.

However, Patterson’s legal team successfully argued for the right to file submissions, pushing the case towards a definitive verdict.

This court win not only vindicated Patterson but also set a precedent for holding authorities accountable for their conduct during the lockdowns.

He made it clear he wanted a not guilty verdict, not just a discontinuance that could leave charges hanging over him indefinitely.

I challenged McCallum on Channel 7's role in promoting negative narratives about Patterson.

"Why don't you want to apologise for what your network did to this man and to all those people during COVID who were victimised by the police?" I asked. McCallum avoided offering an apology, focusing instead on asking Nick his own questions.

Patterson and his supporters are not just seeking a legal victory but also an apology from the media for their wrongful portrayal. An apology is necessary for all those who were unfairly persecuted during the pandemic.

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