Avi Yemini joins Rebel News

Avi Yemini joins Rebel News

Australian-Israeli political commentator Avi Yemini, formerly with TR News, has joined Rebel News.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Avi is one of 17 children; his father Russian-Polish, his mother Yemeni. In his early years of adulthood Avi moved to Israeli, gaining citizenship there and eventually serving in the Israeli Defence Force as a sharpshooter, spending much of his duty in the Gaza Strip.

At one point, Avi operated a line of gyms, Israeli Defence Gyms, that taught Krav Maga, a self-defence martial art used by the IDF, at gyms that were open 24-hours a day, seven days a week. He has since sold his stake in the business.  

Avi describes himself as an advocate of self-defence, counter-terrorism, Israel and law and order.

After releasing his first Rebel video yesterday, a breaking story of an ex-soldier arrested for allegedly organizing an anti-lockdown protest, Avi tweeted out the announcement, with a special guest appearance from an old Rebel friend, Tommy Robinson: