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'You need help': How to turn a street CONFRONTER INTO A FAN in minutes

WATCH & SHARE Avi Yemini neutralise the confrontation like a pro.

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As you know, I have my fair share of haters.

The other day, however, I may have turned one into a fan.

You see, I ran into a man who told me I "needed help" and that he didn't like how I often portray the police in my reports.

He tried to tell me that the police have not been unnecessarily harsh since emergency orders were implemented in Melbourne.

You and I both know they have been — I have the footage to prove it.

So, I pressed on, and as it turns out, we agreed on a lot more than he thought.

It's crazy how powerful a good conversation can be.

Who knows, maybe next week I'll run into him sporting some Rebel News merch like the woman I met a few minutes later!

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  • By Avi Yemini

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