Recounting Avi Yemini's top moments from the 2023 World Economic Forum

As some of the most influential politicians and business leaders prepare to descend on Davos, Switzerland for this year's World Economic Forum, Avi Yemini breaks down his best moments from last year's event.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Rebel News' Chief Australia Correspondent Avi Yemini joined the show to relive his most compelling journalistic moments from 2023.

From dashing to safety to avoid Hamas' rockets in southern Israel to questioning Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on the streets of Davos, 2023 was certainly an eventful year for Mr. Yemini.

Speaking about the World Economic Forum, Mr. Yemini said, "I think it's just the perfect way to start the year in journalism, especially for Rebels, because you get to come face-to-face with some of the most agenda-setting, powerful people — usually unelected powerful people — on the planet. And as you say, they don't have the entourages, it's their safe space."

Discussing the conduct of the Swiss police in Davos, Ezra Levant explained, "It's my observation  based on two interactions I had there  that Swiss police are actually very gentle, have a very light touch."

"The way we scrummed Albert Bourla...if we were scrumming dictator Dan in Melbourne or scrumming Justin Trudeau like that in Canada, bodyguards would be there smashing us. The Swiss police did not get involved. As long as we didn't touch the guy or threaten the guy, they absolutely had no interest in getting involved in our journalism," he added.

Mr. Yemini agreed, saying, "I did grow to respect the Swiss police just like you and I witnessed your interactions with them this time. And we were prepared. If you remember as we do often we had a lawyer ready to go to help us out if something happened, if they did cross those lines, but they absolutely didn't."

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