Banned from Toronto | Chris Sky speaks out after protest arrest

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There was a somewhat unpleasant epilogue to the Yahoo Nation anti-lockdown protest in Toronto last Saturday. While it initially seemed as though freedom fighter Chris Sky would avoid any charges, this was not the case after all.

Indeed, as most of the demonstrators began to disperse in the late afternoon, Sky discovered that the police weren’t going to let him off the hook this time around — perhaps because earlier, Sky had led dozens of unmasked protesters into such stores as Shoppers Drug Mart, Longo’s, and Whole Foods, causing much grief for managers and security personnel.

And so it was that when Sky reached his SUV, there were some police officers waiting for him. He was promptly tossed into a paddy wagon for a few hours, and eventually charged with one count of common nuisance and four counts of public mischief. And in the department of insult to injury, Sky also received a parking ticket — now that’s harsh!

To some, Chris Sky is a hero taking a brave stance against draconian economic lockdowns that are taking such a huge toll on so many people. To others, Sky is a so-called “Covidiot” who is being increasingly reckless with his protesting ways.

In any event, we caught up with Sky in Vaughan, Ont., just a few days after Saturday’s shenanigans in downtown Toronto. And one thing is for sure: whether you love him or loathe him — and despite receiving enough tickets to wallpaper his living room — Chris Sky vows he’s not going away anytime soon. All of which begs the question: what will he do for an encore?

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  • By David Menzies

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