Iron Energy Gym says 'No' to vaccine passports and forced masking

The gym recently made headlines after staying open, despite the province using the significantly less deadly Omicron variant as an excuse to order all gyms to close.

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Kelowna, British Columbia’s Iron Energy Gym says it will no longer be checking for vaccine passports or forcing patrons to wear a mask.

The gym recently made headlines after staying open despite the province using the significantly less deadly Omicron variant as an excuse to order all gyms closed.

The gyms “enough is enough” stance was well received on social media, especially after B.C’s Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry updated the province's public gathering order on January 17, removing the potential end date that mandates the closure of gyms and bars in British Columbia.

Co-owner of Iron Energy gym Brian Mark, says that around 100 fitness businesses, including gyms and yoga studios, have joined the Operation Greenlight movement, which calls on business owners to open their doors regardless of the what provincial rules say on January 18.

It’s possible the united push back caused the province to blink, because, Dr. Bonnie Henry then announced that the gyms would be allowed to open on January 20, but continued to keep bars closed.

“We’ll never actually know if we were the ones that caused the impact, because of course they would never admit it, but we like to think that we played a role,” said Mark when I interviewed him about the latest stance their gym is taking.

Mark says “no matter what your medical choice is, you’re a human being” and plans to unite with others to stop the division we are seeing by no longer participating in the discriminatory vaccine passport system and forced mask wearing.

Watch my full interview with Mark, as well as hear from his gym’s lawyer, Raminder K. Hayre, about the legal debate surrounding businesses opening in spite of public health orders.

If you are a business owner who also believes “enough is enough” and plan to stop discriminating against your patrons based on their medical choices, head to There, you can grab your free sticker for your business and tell us your story.

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