Biden attacks Netanyahu, claims Israeli PM prolonging war for political gain

The president's cease-fire plan and claims about an Israeli proposal were debunked by Netanyahu's office.

Biden attacks Netanyahu, claims Israeli PM prolonging war for political gain
AP Photo/Alex Brandon
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In a new interview with Time Magazine, President Joe Biden criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, agreeing with the suggestion that "Netanyahu is prolonging the war for his own political reasons."

When asked if he believed this to be true, Biden replied, "There is every reason for people to draw that conclusion." The president also expressed uncertainty when questioned about whether Israeli forces had committed war crimes in Gaza.

Time reported that on May 31, Biden had laid out a phased cease-fire plan aimed at ending the war and securing the release of hostages. The president claimed that Israel had made a proposal to the terrorist group Hamas and outlined the terms of the alleged offer in a graphic posted on X. The three-phase plan included a complete ceasefire, the withdrawal of Israeli forces from populated areas in Gaza, the release of some hostages and remains, and a surge in humanitarian aid, followed by a permanent end to hostilities and a major reconstruction plan for Gaza.

However, Netanyahu's office debunked the graphic published by Biden, stating that Israel's proposal allowed for the continuation of the war until all its objectives were achieved, including the destruction of Hamas's military and governing capabilities. In a second, more pointed statement issued 12 hours later, Netanyahu's office reiterated that Israel's conditions for ending the war remained unchanged and that a permanent ceasefire would not be agreed upon until these conditions were met, the Daily Wire reported.

“Israel’s conditions for ending the war have not changed: The destruction of Hamas military and governing capabilities, the freeing of all hostages and ensuring that Gaza no longer poses a threat to Israel,” the statement reads. “Under the proposal, Israel will continue to insist these conditions are met before a permanent ceasefire is put in place. The notion that Israel will agree to a permanent ceasefire before these conditions are fulfilled is a non-starter.”

The tension between the two leaders escalated in early May when Biden threatened to withhold military support from Israel if it proceeded with its operation to target Hamas terrorists in the Gaza city of Rafah. In response, Netanyahu invoked the spirit of Israel's War of Independence, stating that despite facing an arms embargo and being outnumbered, Israel had prevailed through the greatness of its spirit, bravery, and unity. He emphasized that Israel is now much stronger and determined to defeat its enemies, even if it means standing alone and fighting with their "fingernails."

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  • By Ezra Levant


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