BIG NEWS: Scott Moe says he will soon end vaccine passports in SK

As the massive trucker convoy descended upon Ottawa, the premier of Saskatchewan came out with a massive announcement about an upcoming COVID-19 policy change.

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A big announcement came out of Saskatchewan over the weekend, just as Rebel News was beginning our big convoy livestream!

On the morning of January 29th, Scott Moe released an important statement in support of the trucker convoy.

However, this on its own wasn’t big news — we already knew that Scott Moe was supportive of the truckers from previous statements on the issue, such as on January 24th.

But this letter also contained much more far-reaching information: a hint at a massive policy change in Saskatchewan, claiming that ‘‘in the not-so-distant future” he would be ending the proof of vaccination policy here.

He even dared to make the controversial, though well-known factual claim, that we have been waiting from more Canadian officials to hear:

“vaccination does not keep you from contracting COVID-19” then expressing how proof of vaccination policies therefore do not currently make sense.

WOW. Did we read that right? Imagine, a politician showing some common sense.

While there are certainly many questions and concerns as I outline in this report, it is nice to have a glimmer of hope for Saskatchewan.

Especially as other premiers, and of course our Prime Minister, are doubling down on their policies and rhetoric.

Why is Scott Moe heading in this direction? Will it continue or is it all a ruse? Time will tell!

*Note: Since the time of filming this report, Moe has also held a press conference, though no further details from the statement were released, nor were any of the questions in this report answered.

This is a great announcement amid the massive convoy that is in Ottawa right now, fighting for these types of policy changes to occur at a national level and for freedom for all Canadians. Our dedicated Rebel News journalists have been working day and night to bring you the other side of the story, rather than the recycled headlines the legacy media is pumping out, mostly negative and smearing in nature. They’re talking to the real boots on the ground, and trying to make this story known worldwide. If you’d like to help them out with the costs of travel, lodging, and equipment, or if you’d like to follow along with our convoy coverage, please visit

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  • By David Menzies

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