Billboard Chris: The ‘T’ movement is harming the 'LGB'

Anti-child transitioning campaigner Chris Elston spoke with Ezra Levant about the cult-like LGBT movement and how it demands total submission and groupthink from its members.

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by anti-child transitioning campaigner Chris Elston, AKA Billboard Chris. 

The two talked about Chris’ recent trip to the UK, where he made national news and had a very intense interaction with an Irish police officer who was trying to suppress his freedom of speech.

Ezra asked Chris if he recognizes the cult-like patterns within the LGBT community and its avid supporters. He answered:

I call this a cult all the time. This has all the hallmarks of a cult. Anyone who leaves it is deemed to be a trans hope, even if they'd already gone through transition themselves. So I think the way the left bought a lot of acceptance for a lot of these crazy things is by combining all these letters together because there's L GB that's sexual attraction. And the rest of this is all just a denial of reality and queer theory being pushed on society. But for a long time, they were able to silence people because if you said anything you were deemed anti-LGBT. But pretty soon this whole alphabet, the only people who are going to be included in it are going to be white men because they've extended it to cover pretty much everyone and it's lost its power and finally, people are starting to speak up against this movement to harm Children. My message is not one of hate. My message is that Children are beautiful just as they are no drugs or scalpels needed. And somehow the left tries to paint this as being hateful.

He also agreed with Ezra that the radical transgender movement is harming the gay community.

When we look at all the studies that have ever been done into gender dysphoria, this intense loathing of your own biological sex. The most recent study, for example, followed 100 and 39 boys and found that 88% of them when they went through puberty, just grew out of their gender dysphoria and 63.6% grew up to be gay. So this movement, transgenderism is really harming our kids who would grow up to be gay and autistic Children. More than half of these kids who end up in gender clinics are on the autism spectrum.

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