Black Christian denounced by Christian university over systemic racism comment

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The Bible consists of many great teachings and commands that are “politically incorrect” according to today’s standards, including when it comes to the discussion of race.

The Bible states that we are all made in God’s image, and rejects the distinction between races.

Yet, even so, the progressive critical race theory movement that pushes people into two categories of either the “oppressed” or that of the “oppressors” based on the colour of their skin, spreads like a plague through our places of education, including Christian Universities.

Alberta’s Ambrose University invited speakers to give a talk at an event during Black History Month.

However, when one of their speakers spoke about racism from a biblical perspective that doesn’t align with the worlds politically correct version of the topic, they were quick to regret their decision to have him speak.

In a statement of apology Ambrose University accused the speaker of causing “severe harm to those who were in attendance” of the virtual event by denying the “the existence of systemic racism.”

In my full report, I sat down to interview that speaker, Samuel Sey, the black, Christian, pro-life blogger that Ambrose student ambassador Lauren Schmitke and director of social justice Amy Bourque — both of whom appear to be white — felt appropriate to denounce and apologize for after his biblical chat.

Watch above as Sey recaps the two main biblical points made during the talk that he now believes serve no purpose for the university's own agenda.

So, what do you think?

Was Sey out of line and causing immense harm with this scripture based teaching? 

Or should institutions like Ambrose University be less concerned about race theories frequently adopted by Marxists and more inclined to at least not condemn the discussion of how God’s word does not correctly align with such theories?

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