Book reveals Dan Andrews' ruthless tactics

New biography claims Victorian Premier hadn't even planned to contest for re-election in 2022

Book reveals Dan Andrews' ruthless tactics
Dan Andrews
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An explosive new book has revealed the cut-throat world of politics in Victoria under Labor Premier Dan Andrews.

The biography by Sumeyya Ilanbey charts the controversial rise of Andrews, who will contest re-election for a third term in November.

In the book, Ilanbey profiles Andrews as a headstrong party leader and describes his internal tactics for dealing with dissent in the ranks, as revealed by insiders.

Unlike some contemporary political counterparts who thrive on more open conflict, the book claims Andrews uses a silent treatment tactic it calls 'Dan's Freezer' where the Premier ghosts calls and messages from those who have fallen out of favour with the leader.

The Daily Mail reports:

Former colleagues of Mr Andrews claim the Victorian premier is 'loyal to no one but himself' and that he cuts off his political allies if they don't see eye-to-eye. 

'When you tell him what he doesn't want to hear, he freezes you. He won't call, he may not take their call, might denigrate them in a meeting,' a Labor insider said. 

Ilanbey wrote there was 'rarely a confrontation' between Mr Andrews and his colleagues, 'he just stops returning phone calls'. 

'He never f***ing responds. Never returns a text message unless it's something that he needs. It's just hysterical,' another former colleague said.

The book claims Andrews had planned to step down before this year's election. But changed his mind when Labor's resounding victory in 2018. 


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  • By Avi Yemini

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